Enzo Fernandez urged fans to be patient with Chelsea

January 19, 2024

Midfielder Enzo Fernandez shared that the development process of any team takes time and hoped that Chelsea fans would be patient with the players.

Enzo Fernandez asks fans to be patient

Since arriving at Chelsea after the 2022 World Cup, Enzo Fernandez has left a clear mark on the Blues. The Argentinian midfielder is one of the most stable players on the London team.

Recently, in an interview with ESPN Argentina, Enzo shared about the situation at Chelsea. The player born in 2001 wants fans to be patient with the team's development journey.

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Specifically, Enzo Fernandez said: "We need time because Chelsea is starting the process of rebuilding the team with many new recruits. Many new players only joined the team at the beginning of the season and will need more time to adapt. doubt.

Even I had difficulties during my time at Chelsea. Differences from language, culture or weather are problems for me. But then everything got better, 2024 started and I felt happy.

Currently we are trying our best to shape the gameplay as soon as possible. Coach Pochettino is capable and close to the players. He gives us confidence every time we compete."

Enzo also affirmed that Chelsea's goal is a position in the top 4, as well as efforts to win the title at the end of the season. The 2022 World Cup champion said: " Every tournament is important. For Chelsea, winning the championship is always an important requirement."








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