Altay Bayindir is excited about the opportunity to start at MU

January 19, 2024

Goalkeeper Altay Bayindir is ready to start for MU after Andre Onana left the club to join the national team for AFCON 2023.

Altay Bayindir is ready for his MU debut

Since being recruited by MU in the summer of 2023, goalkeeper Altay Bayindir has not yet played a single minute at Man Utd. Coach Erik ten Hag continuously gives opportunities to Andre Onana and there are no opportunities for Bayindir, even in cup matches.

Bayindir's debut in a MU shirt could come later this month. In the context of Onana joining the national team, Bayindir has the opportunity to be used by coach Erik ten Hag in the match in the fourth round of the FA Cup on January 28.


Sharing with the MU homepage, goalkeeper Altay Bayindir expressed excitement at the opportunity to debut for the team. "We have great teammates and everyone is very positive. That's the most important thing," Bayindir said .

Every goalkeeper at MU possesses good qualities and all fight for the starting position. Because everyone wants to be on the field. We all have positive energy, no matter who plays, the remaining positions all support us.

Not only the goalkeeper but also other positions strive for the team. All possess enthusiastic spirit. On the field, we always try our best, and off the field, everyone is good friends.

My position as a goalkeeper is very different and has its own difficulties. But as long as you do well enough, everything will be fine. Like I said, everyone is positive and everyone wants to be on the field.

Team spirit is always important. If every position looks in the same direction, the whole team will have success. I believe that as long as the whole team remembers this, the collective performance will improve."


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